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Elo Intellitouch E719160 17-Inch Screen LCD Monitor

Elo Intellitouch E719160 17-Inch Screen LCD Monitor
  1. The 1715L includes AccuTouch five-wire resistive technology activated by fingernails, gloves
  2. While offered at a lower price-point, they still provide reliable, durable operation
  3. Designed to provide a single-source selection of entry-level LCD monitors,

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Current price2018-05-22
Minimum price2018-05-20
Maximum price$543.492018-05-13

ELO 1929lm E000167 ET1929LM8CWA1WHG (ET1929LM-8CWA-1-WH-G) Unfurl Monitor Screen

Elo 1929LM desktop touchmonitor delivers interactive solutions for healthcare professionals and patients. This fully featured touchmonitor is offered with.

Elo Works Video

Elo's new submit of the art facility in Suzhou, China occupies a quarter of a million square feet and includes 155000 square feet of manufacturing...

Intelli Stimulate Su rface Acoustic Wave - Elo Touch Solutions ...

Intelli Beautify Su rface Acoustic Wave For High-Use Applications Elo’s IntelliTouch touchscreens, utilizing patented flat profile surface acoustic flip-flop technology ...

IntelliTouch Exterior Acoustic Wave - Elo Touch Solutions, Inc.

IntelliTouch technology has met all the Additional Qualification (AQ) ... Elo’s testy touch response recognizes location and amount of pressure applied.

Elo E344758 Desktop Touchmonitors 1517L IntelliTouch 15'' LED-Backlit LCD Monitor, Black

Elo E344758 Desktop Touchmonitors 1517L IntelliTouch 15'' LED-Backlit LCD Monitor, Black
  1. Sleek and Thin Commercial Touchscreen Designed for Years of Reliable Use
  2. 3 Year Warranty
  3. Transactional Single-Touch
  4. Worldwide Agency Approvals
  5. Sealed Glass

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Maximum price$460.972018-05-15

Elo Liberal-Frame Touchmonitors 1541L IntelliTouch Plus - LED monitor ...


elo intellitouch | eBay

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Tyco Electronics Announces New Elo TouchSystems Arouse Technologies at SID

The newest Elo technologies enunciate benefits that have been only partially achieved before by other touch technologies. Bringing multi-touch capabilities to the widely accepted mainstream IntelliTouch fa acoustic wave (SAW) and CarrollTouch infrared ...

Elo 1515L Desktop Touchscreen LCD Monitor - 15-Inch - Surface Acoustic Wave - 1024 x 768-4:3 - Dark Gray E700813

Elo 1515L Desktop Touchscreen LCD Monitor - 15-Inch - Surface Acoustic Wave - 1024 x 768-4:3 - Dark Gray E700813
  1. Economical and reliable
  2. IntelliTouch surface wave technology for superior image quality
  3. Up to 1024 x 768 resolution at 75 Hz
  4. Sealed touchscreen
  5. Available with AccuTouch five-wire resistive technology

Schedule of price changes

Current price2018-05-22
Minimum price2018-05-21
Maximum price$371.552018-04-12

IntelliTouch® Outside Acoustic Wave SAW Touch Screen

Elo's IntelliTouch® Top Acoustic Wave eSAW bezel touch screen. Elo manufacturers touchscreen components including chips, controllers and displays. Learn More.

Elo 3243L IntelliTouch Dual Stroke - LED monitor - Full HD ...

Buy a Elo 3243L IntelliTouch Dual Finger on - LED monitor - Full HD (1080p) - 32" or other Touchscreen Displays at CDW.com

Amazon.com: Elo Intellitouch E266835 19-Inch Screen LCD ...

Amazon.com: Elo Intellitouch E266835 19-Inch Cover LCD Monitor: Computers & Accessories ... Elo Intellitouch E719160 17-Inch Screen LCD Monitor. 4.3 out of 5 stars 7.

Elo zeigt IntelliTouch Curve in Amsterdam - invidis - Digital Signage Portal

Auf der ISE 2015 hat Elo Move Solutions diverse Displays aus dem bestehenden Portfolio sowie neue Geräte gezeigt. So war Amsterdam die zweite Site in Europa, auf der bisher überhaupt der IntelliTouch Curve gezeigt wurde – eine curved Touchscreen-Lösung, die...

Elo IntelliTouch 17" Touchscreen LCD Praepostor (1715L Dark Gray ...


ELO 1928L E746115 19-inch Desktop Touchscreen show monitor

The fully featured 1928L touchmonitor offers first-in-class optical performance mated to the medical industry's leading touch...


Este es un sistema Intellitouch ELO de 17" N/P: 913382-000 y pueden servir para estos modelos SCN-IT-FLT17. 0-002-004-F E479946.

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