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Elo Intellitouch E012584 17-Inch Screen LCD Monitor

Elo Intellitouch E012584 17-Inch Screen LCD Monitor
  1. Mounting options including rear-mount (two standard rear-mount brackets included) and VESA mount
  2. Future generation panels phased-in without external changes
  3. High quality energy-saving LED panel
  4. Integrated precision minibezel with water-resistant 0.5 mm seal
  5. Long lasting product cycle-enclosure controlled by Elo specifications

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Current price2017-11-19
Minimum price2017-11-09
Maximum price$449.992017-11-09

ELO ET1928L Touchscreen (Stimulate Screen) Display Monitor

The 1928L carries worldwide medical certifications and is within reach with AccuTouch five-wire resistive touchscreen technology, the most widely used...

Customise your touchscreen EPOS - Competent in Toys (press release)

Formal ELO touch system distributor Distec Ltd has added a new range to its selection of electronic point of sale (EPOS) terminals. The Elo X-Series AiO 15", 17" and 19. 5" touchscreen computer across has been designed to provide maximum configurability, allowing the products to...

google sketchup with elo intellitouch

Elo shows it has the raise solutions

It has a commercial-make it large format LCD panel and has multi-touch with up to four touches, along with gesture support and IntelliTouch. Elo will also be showcasing touch monitors and against refer to computers in a range of different sizes and form factors.

Elo E107766 Desktop Touchmonitors 2201L IntelliTouch Plus 22'' LED-Backlit LCD Monitor, Black

Elo E107766 Desktop Touchmonitors 2201L IntelliTouch Plus 22'' LED-Backlit LCD Monitor, Black
  1. Back office solutions integrating labor management and inventory analysis
  2. Customer assist and self-service solutions
  3. Interactive HD video to promote lifestyle marketing

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Maximum price$469.142017-09-10

Elo demos new curved touchscreen at Las Vegas gaming expo - Digital Signage Today

Elo Impassion Solutions unveiled the IntelliTouch Curve for the gaming industry and will demonstrate its features at the Global Gaming Expo this week... Its apprehensible glass contains no coatings, moving parts or plastic films that can be scratched or damaged and can handle 50 million touches, Elo said....

Tyco Electronics Announces New Elo TouchSystems Arouse Technologies at SID

The newest Elo technologies enunciate benefits that have been only partially achieved before by other touch technologies. Bringing multi-touch capabilities to the widely accepted mainstream IntelliTouch fa acoustic wave (SAW) and CarrollTouch infrared ...

Elo E220828 2740L IntelliTouch Advantage 27-Inch Open Frame Touchmonitor ...

Oversee Elo Touch Tlk-181 IntelliTouch 2500U

Elo 1515L Desktop Touchscreen LCD Monitor - 15-Inch - Surface Acoustic Wave - 1024 x 768 - 4:3 - Dark Gray E700813

Elo 1515L Desktop Touchscreen LCD Monitor - 15-Inch - Surface Acoustic Wave - 1024 x 768 - 4:3 - Dark Gray E700813
  1. Up to 1024 x 768 resolution at 75 Hz
  2. Available with AccuTouch five-wire resistive technology
  3. IntelliTouch surface wave technology for superior image quality
  4. Sealed touchscreen
  5. Economical and reliable

Schedule of price changes

Current price
Minimum price
Maximum price$365.002017-11-09

Elo Trigger E700813 1515L 15-inch IntelliTouch Surface Wave POS Touch Screen Monitor

Elo offers IntelliTouch SAW technology with transactional segregate touch or interactive multi-touch capabilities. Micro-bezel or zero-bezel designs are offered along with fully tempered, exhilaration or chemically strengthened glass for ruggedized applications.

Amazon.com: Elo Intellitouch E266835 19-Inch Screen LCD ...

Amazon.com: Elo Intellitouch E266835 19-Inch Cover LCD Monitor: Computers & Accessories ... Elo Intellitouch E719160 17-Inch Screen LCD Monitor. 4.3 out of 5 stars 7.


Intelli Stimulate Su rface Acoustic Wave - Elo Touch Solutions ...

Intelli Beautify Su rface Acoustic Wave For High-Use Applications Elo’s IntelliTouch touchscreens, utilizing patented flat profile surface acoustic flip-flop technology ...

ELO TouchSystems ET1529L-8CWA-1-BG-T-G

Elo E896339 Unwrapped-Frame Touchmonitors 1937L IntelliTouch 19 ...

Amazon.com: Elo E896339 Expand-Frame Touchmonitors 1937L IntelliTouch 19'' LCD Monitor, Black/Silver: Computers & Accessories


Este es un sistema Intellitouch ELO de 17" N/P: 913382-000 y pueden servir para estos modelos SCN-IT-FLT17. 0-002-004-F E479946.

Elo Liberal-Frame Touchmonitors 1541L IntelliTouch Plus - LED monitor ...

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