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CCFL Backlight Assembly NEC NL8060BC31-17 (in reflector rail)

CCFL Backlight Assembly NEC NL8060BC31-17 (in reflector rail)

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    Minimum price2018-01-11
    Maximum price$23.952018-01-11

    Restoration Part Center EBAY store- maxlzf2008

    LCD Movies(Noted:This item is not original one,it is a replacement with LED backlight,not CCFL). 10.4" LCD Display Screen for NEC NL6448BC33-49 CCFL Panel Industrial Automation LCD Splash Screen for NEC CCFL Panel Repair Part Center. It is used to repair ...

    NEC NL8060BC31-17 TFT Display 12.1 inch - Cnc-Shopping.co.uk

    MoniServ Inc/LCD In the main

    MoniServ, Inc established in 1995 and was incorporated in Procession 1996. Specializing in re-engineer parts for LCD screens, such as LCD backlight, backlight inverter, LCD controllers, LED backlight, LED converters and etc… MoniServ has developed into a ...



    NEW ( NEC ) NL8060BC31-17 NEC 800*600 TFT LCD shelter NL8060BC3117 ...

    Barter SELL Proface GP2501-LG41-24V touch panel GP2500-TC11

    4. Applications for E-book, Fax organization ,Printer, GPS, Industrial control (Injection molding machines, textile machine) 5.Mainly Brand : 3M ,ELO ,GUNZE ,FUJI ,Toshiba ,JWS,Mitsubishi ,Proface ,Nissel ,DMC

    Davan Reveal Solutions - NL8060BC31-17 - $198.00

    NEC NL8060BC31-17 12.1" LCD panel with a 800x600 limit resolution and a CCFL backlight. All of our refurbished NL8060BC31-17 LCD displays are tested to verify their ...

    NL8060BC31-17, How to Fix in place LED Backlight

    Instruction for installing Sunlight Enjoyable UB54 Series LED backlight kit (P/N: UB54255LED6420X1) in NEC NL8060BC31-17 12. 1 inch Industrial LCD...

    NEC NL8060BC31-17 - ebay.com

    NEC NL8060BC31-17 . Unite contents: LCD Display *1 . If there is any question, please feel free to contact our service department. We will try our best to solve for ...

    Driver Council for LCD NEC NL8060BC31-17

    NEC NL8060BC31-17 LCD TFT Pomp 12.1" | Premier Equipment Solutions ...

    Chimei G141I1-L01 New Father -Shunlongwei Electronics

    Convinced Chimei G141I1-L01, Innolux 14.1" Panel 1280×800 700 700:1 262K CCFL LVDS , G141I1-L01 stock, G141I1-L01 price, Email: sales@shunlongwei.com http://www.slw-ele.com/g141i1-l01.html... 14.1" TFT LCD G141I1-L01. WXGA (1280 x 800 pixels) deliberateness DE ...

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