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This month, I thought I"d offer a couple of the ways you can help ensure your characters survive the rigors of extraplanar adventuring. The first is the option of taking planar substitution levels (which give you specific class-related abilities useful to planar travelers in lieu of the normal class-related abilities you"d normally gain at specific levels). The other is a few new spells -- two will help you survive hazardous planar environments while the other provides a safe place to rest and recuperate while you"re traveling. Take a look and then flip through a copy of the product at your favorite local game store to read even more.

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This "fire-and-forget" spellcasting system has become known as a Vancian spell system, because it was based on the spells in the Dying Earth (1950+) of Jack Vance, where spells had to be rememorized after they were cast. It"s always been somewhat controversial because it limits magic-user tactics and is a prime cause of the "five-minute workday" where characters blow through their once-a-day abilities, then stop for the night. Fans in APAs quickly offered "spell point systems" as an alternative, allowing magic-users to cast what they wanted as long as they still had spell points.

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Farplane: Johann Creekville takes an experimental run on his custom spelljammer, but accidentally gets sucked into a planar rift. Now trapped on a non-Euclidian ship with a bunch of eldritch fugitives, Johann must survive the mind-bending predations of the Many-Angled Ones and make his way back to the Prime Material before he loses his mind.

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Planars Planars are the true denizens of the planes, ranging from planar humans to githzerai, from fiends to genies. PCs in a Planescape campaign are most likely planar characters, the mortal and immortal inhabitants of the planes beyond the Prime Material. In contrast to the ignorant Primes, planars have grown up in the multiverse and know how things work; they tend to have an understanding of the rules and forces governing the multiverse, an intuitive knack for dealing with portals, and some measure of respect for the true strength of belief. As inhabitants of the planes, planars are innately more magical than Primes and often posses some unique features that set them apart. For starters, all planars have the natural ability to see the outline of portals, the tunnels between the planes, whether the portals are currently active or not, with a successful Spot (DC 18) or a Search (DC 10) check. Planars respect power, but even more they respect knowledge and quick thinking. The multiverse is infinitely large and dangerous, and there is always something with greater strength or magical power. Planars survive by knowing when to fight, when to talk, and when to just run for the nearest portal.

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Planar Systems 997-7039-00 PXL2230MW 22" Wide Touchscreen

Planar Systems 997-7039-00 PXL2230MW 22
  1. 997-7039-00

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planar systems dnd: Previews: See What"s "In the Works" for July and Beyond

Planescape Campaign SettingChapter 2: Characters & Races Project Managers Ken Marable Gabriel Sorrel Editors Ken Marable Gabriel Sorr.

The Ethereal is often likened to an ocean, but rather than water it is a sea of boundless possibility. It consists of two parts: the Border Ethereal which connects to the Inner and Prime Material planes, and the Deep Ethereal plane which acts as the incubator to many potential demiplanes and other proto-magical realms. From a Border Ethereal plane a traveler can see a misty greyscale version of the plane from which they are traveling; however, each plane is only connected to its own Border Ethereal, which means inter-planar travel necessitates entering the Deep Ethereal and then exiting into the destination plane"s own Border Ethereal plane. Many demiplanes, such as that which houses the Ravenloft setting, can be found in the Deep Ethereal plane; most demiplanes are born here, and many fade back into nothingness here. Unlike the Astral Plane, in which solid objects can exist (though are extremely rare) anything and everything that goes to the Ethereal Plane becomes Ethereal. There is also something here called the Ether Cyclone that connects the Ethereal plane to the Astral Plane.

ISE 2015: Planar Details 55" Crystal clear OLED Display

ISE 2015: Planar Details 55" Pellucid OLED Display.

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Mortals can make binding agreements with outsiders. Spells such as lesser planar ally, planar ally, and greater planar ally allow a spellcaster to bargain for the services of an outsider or elemental. The planar binding spells work in a similar manner, allowing a character to task a particular creature in return for its freedom.

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OD&D Dungeons & Dragons Original Edition (0e) - First published in January 1974, the original edition rules of Dungeons & Dragons would go on to see six different p

Hey, anything planar going on out there in the interwebs? Help us keep track of stuff from Open Design, Wizards of the Coast, Paizo, other non-D&D gaming systems that might be inspirational (Shadow Run to Mage to Alice in Wonderland) and really anything you think we should know about!

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