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Planar Touch. Number of Touch Points: 10. Touchscreen Interface: USB.

Planar PXL2430MW 24" Widescreen Multi-Touch LED Monitor

Planar PXL2430MW 24
  1. Display Colors: 16.7 M
  2. Display Type: Active Matrix Flat Panel TFT Multi-Touch LCD, w/ LED backlit
  3. Pixel Pitch: 0.272 mm
  4. Display Area: 24 inch (23.5" Viewable)
  5. Display Resolution: 1920 x 1080

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Maximum price$259.532017-09-01

planar helium multi touch monitor:

The Planar Helium is a beautifully designed 27-inch touch-screen monitor featuring 20-point progressive capacitive touch, MVA panel technology, and a nice selection of ports.

Design and Features The Helium looks like a tablet on steroids. The 1,920-by-1,080 resolution panel and its thick (1.2 inch) black bezels sit beneath a sheet of edge-to-edge glass. A webcam and microphone array is embedded in the top bezel, and a shiny Planar logo is attached to the bottom. A touch-sensitive power button and four touch-function buttons are positioned along the lower right side and two 3-watt speakers are built in to the rear of the cabinet. The speakers are relatively loud and full sounding; they don"t pump out booming bass but they do provide enough bottom to keep from sounding tinny.

Planar Helium featured in KUSI morning show

Planar Helium featured as the rare multi-touch monitor in the "Windows 8" segment by Bruce Pechman "muscle man of technology" at KUSI morning...

planar helium multi touch monitor: Planar Helium PCT2785 27 Widescreen Multi Touch Monitor

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InfoComm 2011: Planar Reveals Distinctness Matrix Touch, a Turnkey Touch LCD Video Wall

InfoComm 2011: PPlanar Reveals Pellucidity Matrix Touch, a Turnkey Touch LCD Video Wall.

Planar PCT2235 22" Touch Screen Monitor with Helium Stand

Planar PCT2235 22
  1. For more integration flexibility, the Planar PCT2235 multi-touch monitor boasts multiple video inputs - DisplayPort, HDMI and VGA - and integrated speakers
  2. The Planar Helium Stand can be easily tilted from 15° to 70° - quickly moving the user from passive viewing to full touch screen interaction
  3. Featuring Projected Capacitive touch technology which registers up to 10 simultaneous touch points, the monitor is extremely fast and accurate for the office worker when scanning through emails
  4. The Planar PCT2235 includes Planar's leading Customer FirstTM 3-Year Warranty, including a free 2-day advance replacement.

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Maximum price$257.362017-09-11

Planar Touch at Infocomm 2013

Planar is a conductor in durable, vibrant touch screen display solutions providing a range of high-quality solutions across a spectrum of interactive...

touch screen monitor for pc: VGA Extender Video Audio CAT5 Remote Monitor touch screen RJ45

VGA to CAT6 converter extends the range of VGA video up to 600 feet via CAT5 cable.

"After extensive research and testing of various products, our team was delighted to discover NTI’s XTENDEX™ VGA Extenders with RS232 Control. We have standardized on NTI extension products as the recommended solution for our National dealer channel for use with our touchscreen based digital music management system. The NTI ST-C5VRS-600 are truly plug-n-play and performance has been excellent. Our dealers have been quite happy with the product quality, ease of use and support from NTI."

planar helium multi touch monitor: Planar Helium PCT2785 27 Widescreen Multi Touch Monitor

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Planar Helium 27-inch multi-touch Windows 8 television screen PCT2785

Introducing Planar® Helium™ 27-inch multi-touch praepostor with a smooth all glass front surface, wide viewing angles and a built-in full HD webcam. The monitor.

Planar Helium PCT2485 24" Widescreen Multi-Touch Monitor

Planar Helium PCT2485 24
  1. Touchscreen Interface: USB
  2. 24" LED LCD monitor
  3. A built-in HD web-cam and microphone connects users through the internet and the built-in USB hub allows users to connect other peripherals directly to Planar Helium
  4. Resolution: 1920 x 1080, 16:9
  5. Number of Touch Points: 10

Schedule of price changes

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Maximum price$339.992017-11-12

Planar Touch Vet Monitor - side view

touch screen monitor review: Why You Shouldn't Buy a Touch-Screen Laptop

No matter how badly vendors want to sell you one, a traditional laptop with a touch screen is a terrible idea and a bad buy.

When you use a smartphone all day long, it"s easy to think that every screen in your life should respond to touch. Touch screens are necessary on handsets, tablets and 2-in-1 hybrids that transform from notebooks to slates. They even provide a lot of benefits on large-screen all-in-one PCs that sit in your living room. However, no matter how badly vendors want to sell you one, a traditional laptop with a touch screen is a terrible idea and a bad buy.

touch screen monitor review: Dell XPS 13 Touch (2016) Review & Rating |

The latest Dell XPS 13 Touch delivers the ideal combination of power and prestige, with a sturdy build, a gorgeous QHD+ touch screen, a speedy new processor, and USB-C port with Thunderbolt support.

The new iteration of the Dell XPS 13 Touch ($1,449.99 as tested) is an ultraportable laptop that you"ll be proud to show off. The sleek build and brilliant QHD+ touch screen carry over from last year"s model , but adds a sixth-generation Intel Core i5 processor and the first USB-C port with Thunderbolt 3 support that we"ve seen on a laptop. This is notable, considering that Thunderbolt upgrades usually appear first on Apple laptops like the latest MacBook Pro . The XPS 13 Touch (9350) has a much higher-resolution screen in a frame that"s more compact than the MacBook Pro, and also has the build quality, performance, and battery life that should come with a premium system. It"s our new Editors" Choice for high-end ultraportable laptops.

planar helium: Corporate Office LCD Displays & Kiosks | Planar

Planar is a leading provider of corporate office LCD displays ranging from the desktop to lobby installations driving productivity and building brand.

Leading corporations and government agencies are recognizing that their facilities are effectively a spokesperson of their brand, while also creating optimum work environments for employees.  From greeting guests to employee communications and productivity, video technology and digital signage systems can play a key role in creating an ambient environment as dynamic as the companies that deploy them. Planar is a leading provider of display technology ranging from the desktop to large lobby installations driving productivity, as well as building brand.

Planar Helium Productivity - 27-inch multi-touch Windows 8 watchdog PCT2785

touch screen monitor for pc: Acnodes - industrial computer, monitor and touch Panel PC.

Acondes - solutions for automation, military & industrial computer applications.

The way industry utilizes computers has developed to include applications inside the computers, known as embedded PC. How exactly is embedded PC different from the everyday PC? Embedded computers offer control ability in a small box and ready to use in industrial environment with flexible operating systems. First, embedded PC known as computer system that is implemented as part of a bigger device or intelligent system. Next, embedded computers come in many different shapes and sizes for in.

Planar 160x80 EL vaunt

Planar EL160. 80. 38-SM1 puny-film electroluminescent display. Sun part number 370-2311-02, Planar part number 996-0277-01. Display controller (SED1335).

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