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Winegard Carryout Directv Hd. Compatible with DIRECTV, DISH, and Bell TV.

Winegard GM-2035 Black Carryout G2 Automatic Portable Satellite

Winegard GM-2035 Black Carryout G2 Automatic Portable Satellite
  1. Fully Automatic, Making It Perfect For Rving, Camping, Tailgating & More
  2. Black
  3. Offers Live TV Viewing For The On-the-go Lifestyle
  4. Compatible With Dish(r) (sd & Hd), Directv(r) (sd) & Bell TV (sd & Hd) Programming
  5. Portable, Easy grip handle
  6. 100 percent automatic, Supports 2 receivers
  7. Compatible with DIRECTV, DISH, and Bell TV
  8. Works With A Wide Variety Of Receivers
  9. Dimensions: 14.3 inch diameter, 13.5 inch height, Includes 50 foot Coax Cable and 50 foot 12 Volt Power Cord
  10. Compact & Ultra lightweight Antenna

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Copy of Winegard "The Carryout" Inescapable Portable Satellite Antenna (First Look)

"What a exalted Idea . " "The Carryout is a fully automatic portable satellite antenna that offers your favorite DBS satellite programming in a...

swm-840 multiswitch kit: swm-840 | Satellite Multi Switch

DIRECTV Single Wire Multi-Switch w/ Power Supply 16 Channel(KIT-SWM-16) Sixteen channel Single Wire Multi-switch (SWM). Allows each of the two outputs to be split up to eight times for a total of Sixteen.

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swm-840 multiswitch kit: DIRECTV Single Wire Multi-Switch w/ Power Supply 16 Channel(KIT-SWM-16) from Solid Signal

Description: The Labor Saving Devices Single 6ft rod threaded male/female connectors replace lost rods or add length to creep-Zit kits Not compatible with royRods quick connect. Features. Single 6ft rod. Threaded male/female connectors. Replace lost rods or add length to .

Winegard GM 5000 Carryout Anser Shirt-pocket Satellite Antenna Works With DISH HD, DIRECTV, and Bell TV

Winegard GM-6035 Carryout G2+ Automatic Portable Satellite TV Antenna with Power Inserter (RV Satellite for DIRECTV, DISH, BellTV) - Black

Winegard GM-6035 Carryout G2+ Automatic Portable Satellite TV Antenna with Power Inserter (RV Satellite for DIRECTV, DISH, BellTV) - Black
  1. Superior Construction - Aluminum reflector, glass infused base, integrated Turbo satellite tuner
  2. Satellite Providers (subscription required) - DISH (Standard & HD), DIRECTV (Standard), BellTV (Standard & HD) - See user manual for receiver compatibility
  3. Optional Mounts (sold separately) - Roof mount, tri-pod mount, side or window mount, ladder mount and rear cab mount
  4. Easy Setup - 100% automatic, setup in just a few minutes. The Carryout G2+ offers the same flexibility and includes a power inserter which removes the need for a power cable and allows for switching of providers from inside your RV.
  5. New Power Inserter - Powered over coax cable, easily switch providers. Compatible with multiple providers

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Carryout Anser RV Vassal Antenna, Winegard GM-5000, White, Dish ...

winegard g2 compatible receivers: Winegard® GM2000 - Carryout G2 White Portable Satellite Antenna

Universal Carryout G2 White Portable Satellite Antenna - Part Number GM2000 by Winegard. Available in Department at

Winegard Company warrants its products against defects in materials or workmanship for a period of two (2) years from the date of original purchase. During year one (1) of such warranty, Winegard Company will also pay authorized labor costs to an authorized Winegard"s dealer to repair or replace defective products. No warranty claim will be honored unless at the time the claim is made. To verify the product is under warranty, Customer must provide proof of purchase with a dated sales receipt to an authorized Winegard dealer. If the date of purchase can"t be verified, the warranty period shall be considered to begin thirty (30) days after the date of production.

winegard g2 compatible receivers: WINEGARD CARRYOUT G2 PORTABLE SATELLITE

Winegard Carryout G2 Portable Automatic Satellite TV Antenna The Winegard Carryout G2 portable automatic satellite antenna is compatible with DIRECTV, DISH, and Bell TV and works with most receivers. The G2 is simple to use and features an optional roof mount for converting to a permanent roof mount satellite antenna. The next generation of portable satellite TV antennas, offering live TV viewing for the on-the-go lifestyle! This compact, fully automatic satellite antenna is the smallest of its kind on the market and perfect for RVing, camping, tailgating and more! The Carryout G2 is 100% automatic and is Winegard

The Winegard Carryout G2 portable automatic satellite antenna is compatible with DIRECTV, DISH, and Bell TV and works with most receivers. The G2 is simple to use and features an optional roof mount for converting to a permanent roof mount satellite antenna.

Winegard Carryout G2 Handy RV Satellite Available in Black or White ...

Winegard GM-5000 Carryout Anser Portable Satellite Antenna

Winegard GM-5000 Carryout Anser Portable Satellite Antenna
  1. Includes easy-grip handle for easy portability. Includes 25 feet coax cable and 25 feet power cable that plugs into standard 12 volt outlet
  2. Set elevation, automatically finds satellite
  3. Compatible with DISH HD, DIRECTV, and Bell satellites. Not compatible with Carryout ladder mount
  4. Refer User Manual for installation Procedure
  5. Features 2 coax inputs for multiple receiver hook-up
  6. Larger reflector provides single satellite solution

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winegard travler directv: Using a Hopper 3 with the Winegard Travler | rvSeniorMoments

After about two months of testing, it looks like DISH's new 16-tuner Hopper 3 will work with the automatic rooftop Winegard Travler dish. Though a standard DISH Travler will have to be modified, this allows a game-changing satellite DVR system to be used in an RV. As of today, it looks like I am the only'¦

Tom, need a little help. I am a tech savvy guy so this does not scare me. Here is my situation. I have a Traveler 3005 currently set u for DirecTV. I want to switch to Dish and get a Hopper 3. Can I replace the dish on the traveler 3005 with a Dish Network Turbo HD home dish reflector and arm and replace the LNB with the new Hybrid LNB and carry on from there? How do I get the Winegard 3005 positioning receiver to be happy with the new dish and find 110, 119 an 129 Dish sats? Regards, Paul

Winegard-Carryout-G2-DirecTV-DISH-Stationary-Lightweight-Dome-Antenna-GM ...

winegard travler directv: TRAV"LER Automatic Multi-Satellite HDTV Antennas DISH 1000

TRAV'LER Automatic Multi-Satellite HDTV Antennas DISH 1000 aloows you to watch programming from up to 5 satellites, all at the same time, just like in your home. Fully HD-Ready.

Today, we finished the installation of our new Winegard SK 1000 satellite dish. In all, it took about 3 hours to remove the old dome and install the new unit. Using the supplied installation instructions it was really straight forward and not hard at all. After completing the installation I pulled the motorhome outside and initialized the dish and receiver. It took about 10 minutes the first time to get everything up and running but I kind of expected that. We are very pleased and excited with our new Winegard Traveler and can't wait to get on the road and try it out. I'm very satisfied with the quality of the unit and I thank Makarios RV for the prompt delivery.

Winegard Traveler Deploys -DirecTV HD

You recollect folks, NOTHING beats a full sized satellite dish when your on the road. This was a service call this morning and as you can see this dish is in 1st order.

winegard travler directv: Wingard Trav'ler - Electronics - FMCA Motorhome Forums

Just purchased a 98 Holiday Rambler, and I am a newbie. The motorhome has had a fairly new Wingard satellite travler installed (2008) , but it was not c.

The Trav"ler you have is specific to one service or the other. Be sure that you get the right service to work with the specific antenna you have. If you have a DirecTV Trav"ler it will actually say DirecTV on the dish itself. If it"s Dish Network, the same is true. Assuming you now have all of the connections in place you can push and hold the power button until it says Power On and then release. The antenna (even with no receiver connected) will go up and lock onto the necessary satellites (assuming a clear view). Once the search is complete the display will either show 101, 110, 119 (DirecTV) or 119, 110, 129 (Dish Network). This also would let you know which antenna you have and which service provider you need to sign up with.

winegard travler directv: Winegard Trav'ler - Satellite TV and Radio on the Road - Escapees Discussion Forum

I want to surprise my DH with a Winegard Travler Directv. Our MH is prewired for it so that shouldn't be a problem. My confusion is whether I need a mountin.

We have a 2006 Tiffin Phaeton with a fiberglass roof. Our a factory installed King Dome was removed and our Winegard Trav"ler was mounted in the same position without any plate. You say yours is prewired, our 2004 B+ has a rubber roof and at the point the cable connection exits the roof there appears to be a 2" x 2" plate under the roof membrane to mount a satellite system to, however with it we use a Winegard Pathway X1 portable antenna not a roof mount.

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