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Vizio E55-E1. VIZIO SmartCast.

VIZIO 55-Inch 1080 p Smart LED TV D55U-D1 (2016)

VIZIO 55-Inch 1080 p Smart LED TV D55U-D1 (2016)
  1. Details panel with stand, panel without stand, Width: 48.8 in, 56.6 in, Depth: 10 in, 2.5 in, Height: 28.4 in, 30.7 in, Weight: 36.6 lbs, 37.5 lbs
  2. 802.11ac dual-band Wi-Fi - Up to 3x faster than 802.11n, perfect for Ultra HD video streaming.
  3. Spatial Scaling Engine - Beautifully transforms 1080p Full HD sports, movies and TV shows to spectacular 4K Ultra HD resolution.
  4. Stunning Ultra HD picture - Experience incredible detail and clarity with 8.3 million pixels with 3840 x 2160 UHD
  5. V6 Six-Core Processor - Quad-core GPU and Dual-core CPU for blazing fast performance and faster, smoother Smart TV experience.
  6. VIZIO Internet Apps Plus - Optimized for Ultra HD streaming, beautifully simple Smart TV delivers instant access to the hottest movies, TV shows, music, and more.

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Vizio E55-E1: VIZIO E55-E1 USER MANUAL Pdf Download.

Download the free VIZIO SmartCast™ App on your smartphone 2. Pair your mobile device to your display. or tablet to set up your VIZIO display. Use your phone to power 3. Follow the instructions your mobile device and display screen to on your display, adjust the volume, switch inputs, play and control streaming content from your iOS or Android device.


vizio e55-e1 hdr: 55" Vizio E55-E1 SmartCast 4K UHD LED HDTV + $200 Dell eGC - Page 5 -

Dell Home & Office has 55" Vizio E55-E1 SmartCast 4K UHD LED HDTV + $200 Dell eGift Card (automatically added to cart) on sale for $549.99 - $100 Slickdeals Rebate = $449.99. .

Vizio is one of the brands that allows direct soundbar control with the tv remote, right? (Assuming you have a Vizio soundbar). This would be a huge plus for me and give me something to spend the card on. I also just saw that Discover gives a $10 bonus for cashing in $90 of rewards for a $100 Dell Gc, which is a great help.

VIZIO SmartCast E-Series E55u-D2 55" 4K Ultra HD 2160p 120Hz LED Smart Home Theater Display (4K x 2K), DTS Studio Sound, Built in WiFi

VIZIO SmartCast E-Series E55u-D2 55
  1. Resolution: 4K Ultra HD
  2. Refresh Rate: 120Hz Effective Refresh Rate
  3. Launch popular apps directly from the big screen using the all-new remote
  4. HDMI Inputs: 4
  5. VIZIO SmartCast

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Bestselling VIZIO E55-E1 55" Realm 2160p Chromecast 4K Ultra HD Home Theater Display Overview

Amble ordinary TV viewing into an entertainment experience with the VIZIO E55-E1 55" Class 2160p Chromecast 4K Ultra HD Home Theater Display. It streams.

e55-e1 review: Vizio E series 2017 (60- to 80-inch) review - CNET

The Vizio E series offers the very good image quality for a rock-bottom price, as long as you stick to the 60-inch and larger models.

The biggest downside to the system is that Cast doesn"t support Amazon Video directly. But that update adds an actual on-screen menu for Casting apps, and one of them is indeed Amazon. I got a chance to play with an early version for this review and it mostly worked as advertised -- and similar to on-screen displays found on competing Smart TVs. 

vizio e55-e1 hdr: VIZIO E55-E1 55' 4K HDR GoogleCast Home Theater Display + $200 Dell eGift Card @ $449.99 after $100 Slcikdeals Rebate + F/S

VIZIO E55-E1 55' 4K HDR GoogleCast Home Theater Display + $200 Dell eGift Card @ $449.99 after $100 Slcikdeals Rebate + F/S and search similar deals, read reviews, view auctions, do price comparison, setup deal alert, discuss and share it. Also view latest and related deals, coupons, bargains, freebies, discount codes, promo codes, price compare, sale, price drops, printable coupons, savings, clearance deal items recently published from all sites.

VIZIO E55-E1 Home Theater LEI Play Vizio Dell Card Deals Gift Google Home Rebate Theater Gift Card 4K

Factory Original Vizio XRT132 LED HD TV Remote Control / Compatible with Many Vizio Televisions (Basic Controls) (0980-0306-2670)

Factory Original Vizio XRT132 LED HD TV Remote Control / Compatible with Many Vizio Televisions (Basic Controls) (0980-0306-2670)
  1. Factory Original Vizio XRT132 LED HD TV Remote Control / Compatible with Most Vizio Televisions (Basic Controls) (0980-0306-2670)
  2. Compatible with: L30WGUAUO, L30WGUE, L30WGUGUE, , 0980-0305-4001, 0980-0305-4041, 0980-0305-3030, 0980-0305-9003, 0980-0305-9001, 0980-0305-9005, 0980-0305-4010, 0980-0305-3300, 0980-0305-0020, 6100BC0-N03-R, 0980-0305-0011, 6100BC0-N02-R, 0980-0306-0500, RC2744201/01, D24H-C1, D24HC1, D24HN-D1, D24HND1, D28H-C1, D28HC1, D28HN-D1, D28HND1, D32H-C0, D32HC0, D32H-C1, D32HC1, D32HN-D0, D32HND0, D32HN-D1, D32HND1, D32HN-E0, D32HNE0, D32HN-E1, D32HNE1, D32HN-E4, D32HNE4, D32HNX-E1, D32HNXE1,
  3. E75-E1, E75-E3, E75-E16, E75E16, E80-E3, M50-E1, M55-E0, M65-E0, M70-E3, M75-E1, P55-E1, P65-E1, P75-E1, E55E1, E75E1, E75E3, E80E3, M50E1, M55E0, M65E0, M70E3, M75E1, P55E1, P65E1, P75E1, D24HN-E1, D24HNE1, D50N-E1, D50NE1, E32-D1, E32D1, E32H-D1, E32HD1, E40-D0, E40D0, E43-D2, E43D2, E48-D0, E48D0, E50-D1, E50D1, E55-D0, E55D0, E55-E1, E55E1, D24D1, D24-D1, D24H-E1, D24HE1, D28HD1, D28H-D1, D32D1, D32-D1, D32F-E1, D32FE1, D32HD1, D32H-D1, D32XD1, D32X-D1, D39F-E1, D39FE1, D39HD0, D39H-D0,
  4. D40D1, D40-D1, D40F-E1, D40FE1, D40UD1, D40U-D1, D43D1, D43-D1, D43D2, D43-D2, D43-E2, D43E2, D43F-E1, D43FE1, D43F-E2, D43FE2, D48D0, D48-D0, D48F-E0, D48FE0, D48F-E1, D48FE1, D50D1, D50-D1, D50-E1, D50E1, D50F-E1, D50FE1, D50UD1, D50U-D1, D55D2, D55-D2, D55E0, D55-E0, D55F-E0, D55FE0, D55F-E2, D55FE2, D55UD1, D55U-D1, D58UD3, D58U-D3, D60D3, D60-D3, D65D2, D65-D2, D65-E0, D65E0, D65UD2, D65U-D2, D70D3, D70-D3, E32C1, E32-C1, E32HC1, E32H-C1, E40C2, and more!
  5. D39HN-E0, D39HNE0, D40N-E3, D40NE3, D43N-E1, D43NE1, D48HN-E0, D48HNE0, D48N-E0, D48NE0, D55N-E2, D55NE2, D60N-E3, D60NE3, D320-B1, D320B1, D390-B0, D390B0, E221-A1, E221A1, E231-B1, E231B1, E241-A1, E241A1, E241-A1W, E241A1W, E241-B1, E241B1, E280-A1, E280A1, E280-B1, E280B1, E291-A1, E291A1, E320-A1, E320A1, E320-B0, E320B0, E320-B0E, E320B0E, E320-B1, E320B1, E320-B2, E320B2, E320-C0E, E320C0E, RS120-B3, RS120B3, D43N-E4, D43NE4, D55UN-E1, D55UNE1, E50-E1, E50E1, E55-E1, E65-E3, E65E3,

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VIZIO SmartCast 55” Categorize Ultra HD Home Theater Display - E55-E1 ...

VIZIO Launches 2017 SmartCast E-Series Betray Collection with XXL 75" & 80" Models - High-Def Digest

The new lineup includes sizes ranging from 32-inches to 80-inches. VIZIO has announced its new 2017 E-Series In its entirety HD and Ultra HD SmartCast display collection. The lineup includes HDR support on models 55-inches and larger. "Our E-Series accumulation is known for offering features that simply...

VIZIO E-Series E55-E1 55" Importance 4K Ultra HD LED Home Theater, Black ...

e55-e1 vizio review: TCL P Series TV Review - Televisions

The TCL P Series is the company's midrange entry for 2017, and it's a value powerhouse. These affordably priced TVs feature 4K, FALD backlights, and HDR specs.

TCL claims that the 2017 P Series has 72 contrast control zones regardless of size. What the company is calling contrast control zones most of us will call full-array local dimming zones, or FALD. The addition of FALD to an affordable TV is a trend that Vizio gets credit for, having first added FALD to its impressive and affordable E Series a few years back. TCL has definitely taken a page out of Vizio's book on this one, and the payoff is clear.

Vizio E-Series 2016 discuss:

They also don't allot to the E50-E3 because it lacks local dimming, the E55-E1, the E43u-D2 or the E55u-Do because they use an IPS-based LCD panel, and the E43-D2, E48-D0 and E55-D0 because Vizio refused to specify whether they have IPS panels.

e55-e1 vizio review: Vizio E series 2017 (43- to 55-inch) review - CNET

Although its Chromecast built-in system has some appeal, the smaller sizes in Vizio's E series ultimately fall short of competing budget sets.

Just like a  $35 Chromecast , the Vizio E can serve up Netflix, Hulu, HBO Go and all the rest on the big screen using your phone as a "remote." Going into any supported app and hitting the Cast button reveals the Vizio TV as an option; select it and video from the app will play back on the TV. Easy peasy. It worked fine with Netflix (in 4K and HDR) and Vudu and YouTube (in 4K). Other apps I tried worked well too.

65" Vizio 4K Assessment Model: E65-E1

Keep safe as I review the Vizio 65" 4K E65-E1 TV Dimensions: 1:01 Inputs/Outputs: 4:03 Audio: 5:30 Viewing Height\Mounting Top: 6:54 Mounting: 8:54 .

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