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Winegard PL-7000 Dish Playmaker HD Portable Satellite Antenna (RV Portable Satellite Dish, Tailgating Portable Satellite Antenna) - White

Winegard PL-7000 Dish Playmaker HD Portable Satellite Antenna (RV Portable Satellite Dish, Tailgating Portable Satellite Antenna) - White
  1. Fully-Automatic Satellite Antenna - Automatically finds DISH HD satellites making it easy to watch your favorite shows. High performance hybrid stepper motors are reliable, fast and precise
  2. Easy Setup Portable Dish - Powered by single coax connection, lightweight, and requires minimal space. Perfect for the RV, cabin, fishing, or become the ultimate tailgater with the DISH Playmaker
  3. New DISH Playmaker Portable Satellite Antenna - Larger high-strength military grade aluminum alloy reflector for improved signal strength, optional RV roof mount and updated sleek design
  4. Optional RV Roof Mount - Optional RK-4000 RV roof kit allows you to mount the DISH Playmaker satellite antenna to your RV's roof making it easy to store and always ready to use
  5. Enjoy DISH TV in HD - Works exclusively with DISH HD solo satellite receiver technology. Compatible with DISH Pay-As-You-Go, pay only for the months you need, or add to home DISH satellite service

dish tailgater for sale: Satellite Dish for sale | Only 3 left at -65%

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4. Key Time Setup - DISH Network Tailgater Portable Satellite Antenna

... the new tailgater routine to their lineup the tailgater portable

Tailgater For Dish:

Dish"s main service is satellite television. Its offerings are similar to other satellite and cable companies. Viewers can choose from a series of service bundles, paying more money for more channels. A la carte programming is available, however limited other than Premium channels. The company is currently working on diversifying its offerings. With its purchase of Blockbuster LLC , it now owns the Blockbuster trademarks and has used its intellectual property agreement to offer streaming and mail-order video services.

Winegard PA-1000 DISH Playmaker HD Portable Satellite Antenna (RV Portable Satellite Dish, Tailgating Portable Satellite Antenna)

Winegard PA-1000 DISH Playmaker HD Portable Satellite Antenna (RV Portable Satellite Dish, Tailgating   Portable Satellite Antenna)
  1. Fully-Automatic Dish - Automatically finds DISH HD satellite orbital locations making it easy to watch your favorite TV shows in the RV.
  2. Easy Setup Portable Antenna - Powered by single coax connection through DISH receiver. Easy to use and lightweight RV portable satellite dish.
  3. Sleek & Compact Portable Satellite Antenna - Requires minimal space making it easy to take with you wherever you go ; Smallest Portable Antenna - 16″ diameter / 13″ tall / 7 lbs
  4. Portable Satellite Antenna - Perfect for the RV, camper, motorhome, cabin, fishing, hunting or become the ultimate tailgater with the DISH Playmaker.
  5. Enjoy DISH TV in HD - Works exclusively with DISH HD solo satellite receiver technology and programming. Compatible with Dish receivers: wally, viP 211k, viP211z, viP 211 and 411 solo HD
  6. Warranty: 2 Years Parts, 1 Year Labor

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How to Fit Your KING Tailgater Satellite TV Antenna

Setup for the Regent Tailgater is quick and simple. Follow these instructions to learn how to install the portable satellite TV antenna on your RV and you'll soon.

DISH Tailgater gentle set-up walk through

dish tailgater for sale: Dish Network Tailgater Buddy Kit

Speed up your Search. Find used Satellite Dish for sale on eBay, Craigslist, Amazon and others. Compare 30 million ads · Find Satellite Dish faster !

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dish tailgater setup: DISH Support Forum ' View topic - Problem with Initial Setup of Tailgater and 211Z

I ordered a new Tailgater system that was delivered yesterday. Last night I tried to do the initial setup. Every time, I go through the setup process and it gets to step 2 of 5, which is to download software and install the switch from the satellite. It starts, gets about 1/8 to 1/4 through the process, and terminates with an error. There is no error number, it just says "An Error Occurred Installing Switch", and starts over. I can hear the dish moving inside the Tailgater, and it seems to locate the satellite(s) initially because it does start to download each time. The problem is it freezes and terminates with that same error message. I was on the phone with customer support three separate times last night about this, and the best idea they had was to move the Tailgater around. It was very level, and no significant trees or any other obstructions. Finally at midnight I was frustrated and over it and decided to deal with it today. Finally, for any of you who may be in Texas, I have this question. On Step 1 of the portable satellite setup process, it asks what state you are in. In Texas, it gives the options of "East Texas" and "West Texas". Austin is right in the middle. I"m guessing probably either should work, but I don"t know if one is required or will work better than the other. Any ideas? Late last night I was ready to package it up, return it and cancel the service, but I"d like to try at least one more time to get it working. Thanks in advance for any thoughts.

KING VQ4550 Tailgater Bundle - Portable Satellite TV Antenna and Dish Wally HD Receiver

KING VQ4550 Tailgater Bundle - Portable Satellite TV Antenna and Dish Wally HD Receiver
  1. Powered through receiver with no separate remote or power source
  2. The Wally HD Receiver has Wi-Fi capability (USB Wi-Fi adapter sold separately) that allows you to connect to a wireless network to enjoy streaming videos and other web apps
  3. Use as either portable antenna or roof mounted (mounting feet included)
  4. Portable satellite TV antenna for DISH service with included Wally HD Receiver. Sign up for pay-as-you-go or add to your home DISH service
  5. Supports multiple TV viewing with the built-in dual coaxial outputs (programming must be on the same satellite); fully automatic satellite acquisition

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direct tv tailgater: Solved: Tailgater - AT&T Community

Solved: considering buying a portable automated dish by "tailgater".  anyone have experience with them?  what is direct

First off, yes the receiver will cost you $6 per month recurring fee. In this case, you might want to see if you can find an owned, used, D12 receiver. Activate it during the tailgating season, then deactivate it and store it away the rest of the year.  You can do that with an owned receiver, but not with a leased receiver. Be very careful buying a used receiver though - get the Receiver ID Number (RID) from any that you are considering, then call DirecTV access card department and verify if you buy the unit you will be able to activate it (that it is in fact an owned and not leased unit, and that it is from a clean account).

Dish Tailgater - Sober Signal Review WITH EXCLUSIVE LOOK INSIDE

Parody your HD programming with you with TAILGATER from Dish. This self-contained, self-aiming dish does all the work for you.

direct tv tailgater: KING Satellite TV Antenna Receivers | KING

It's important to connect the correct receivers with your chosen satellite TV antennas. Match your model with the appropriate receiver to start watching TV.

The Tailgater and KING Relay work exclusively with DISH satellite TV service. The custom-designed interface allows these systems to work specifically with DISH to deliver fast and reliable TV to your antenna. And the setup is easy! Once you connect the coax cable to the receiver, just follow the simple on-screen instructions and you’ll have all your favorite channels with you wherever you go.

Crowned head Tailgater for Dish (Model VQ4500)

dish tailgater setup: Tailgator By Dish TV - RV Internet to Go/Staying in Touch - FMCA Motorhome Forums

Anyone had experience with the Tailgator satellite TV receiver?

Hopefully you understand that the Tailgater is an antenna and you would also need a Dish Receiver (VIP211K only is required) and a service plan with Dish. As long as you have the 211K and only need the one receiver you should not have any issues with that setup. The Tailgater is built by King Dome and sold under the Dish label.

Dish Network Tailgater | Uncrate

Sep 08, 2013 by Eric in technology

direct tv tailgater: How to have Satellite TV for your RV

Whether you're partial to Dish Network or Directv, the cheapest bottom dollar option is to set up Satellite TV service in your home and then take one of the receivers that was set up in your home with you when you travel.

With Directv, there is only one option: a 2 year agreement. If you live in your RV, this is great since you"ll use it all the time. Or if you want Directv in your home, this is also a good solution. If you only service for 4 months a year, then you you"ll be paying months that you"re not using.

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