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KEF Q800DSW Dipole Loudspeakers - American Walnut (Pair)

KEF Q800DSW Dipole Loudspeakers - American Walnut (Pair)
  1. Thanks to the latest computer modelling techniques, years of painstaking development, and a dash of design genius, the new iteration of the Uni-Q driver array packs a formidable complement of design innovations. Based on the state-of-the-art HF driver developed for Concept Blade, the Q boasts a much larger (1 in. dome) tweeter for increased sensitivity and distortion-free power handling. It plays as loud as it plays true.
  2. Featuring rigid new aluminium cone technology just like the Uni-Q array, the Q Series advanced bass driver is a tour de force in its own right. A die-cast aluminium chassis rigidly locates the high efficiency vented magnet assembly to prevent unwanted resonance, and the large voice coil ensures impressive power handling. Its musicality is impeccable: seductively tuneful and well controlled, and on the floorstanding models, complemented by dedicated front-firing auxiliary bass radiators (ABRs).

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de: http://nset. us/sde/2/de/B0048LTAJY/info Der Centerlautsprecher bildet den mit Abstand wichtigsten Bestandteil einer.

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KEF Speaker Question??? Im still shopping for a sub and some rear surrounds and Ultimate electronics is no longer going to be carring KEF and so they.

KEF Speaker Question??? Im still shopping for a sub and some rear surrounds and Ultimate electronics is no longer going to be carring KEF and so they have the KEF IQ8ds' rear surrounds marked down from $600 to $358. The Klipsch's to match my current sys would be the rs35's which are also $600. The KEF's have the appearance of being better made and Im thinking of getting them at that price but I have a couple of Questions: 1.) Is the timber matching (or lack there of) going to be that big of a deal? 2.) What's the difference between bi-pole and di-pole? Is one geared more for movies or music? What do you guys recommend? I can always demo them in my home for 10 days. thx for the input!

KEF Q800DS Q Series 5.25" Dipole Setting Speakers Walnut Pair ...

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7.1 x 14.2 x 6.7 in. Manuel d’installation Manual de instalação Installationshandbuch Installatiehandleiding KEF Audio reserve the right, in line with continuous research and development, Manuale d’installazione Installationsanvisning to amend or change specifications without prior notice. E&O.E. Part No.290177M Issue 3: April 11.

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KEF Reference 203 - Floorstanding Speakers - Computer matched high order 4-way crossovers assure fluid transitions between the five drivers:The Hypertweeter, the new UNI-Q coincident source midrange/HF and the two high-tech 165mm (6 1/2'Ě) LF drivers. With KEF

We having just found this site i feel compelled to add my tuppence worth. I originally went to Frank Harvey"s in Coventry having arranged a demo of a pair of ATC SCM 20 speakers,lets just say they weren"t for me. On asking Kevin (an excellent sales chap who knows his stuff) if they had any other speakers that could be tri ampped the only ones they had in store at the time but at a significant increase in price were a pait of "B Grade" Kef Reference 203 mk2s. Upon taking a look and my head say no but the heart saying yes i asked if they could be set up for a listen. One thing i forgot to mention was i took my eldest son along with me, he had never before shown any interest in listening to the hifi set up,he preferred to listen to his music via his Mac, he brought along some of his own music. After setting the speakers up and a suitable disc selected we sat back and are jaws dropped,disc after disc were played,even the lads disc were used, he really got into it, sitting their his head bopping,feet tapping,with a big grin on his face. His first words to me were "Your going to take these home with us", and he was right,the deal was done hands were shook and off we went with them in the back of the car,between us thinking how the wife was going to take these new speakers, the size of them, the cost of them. We needn"t have worried,she took it rather calmly, At Frank"s a Naim system was used to demo, not some thing i"d listened to before, but now home i wired them to what i had at the time, basically all Meridian kit, for the tweeter i used a Meridian 551 integrated, the mid range i used a Meridian 555 power and for the bass a Meridian 557, cd"s were spun in a Meridian g07, we all sat back and pressed play and i was amazed at how the wife took to them, fetching her discs to play, we forgot the time of day and got lost in the wonderful sounds, later in the evening a dvd was played, Roger Waters, "The Wall Live in Berlin" brilliant,never herd it sound so good. Well over the years since i still have the Kef" although they were classed as "B Grade" to this day i"ve never found a fault with them, they are in Piano Black Gloss and look stunning,the rest of the system has changed, i now have a Meridian G08.2 cdp, a G02 fully balanced pre amp and a pair of 557"s, i did for 6 months have a third 557 but deem this as over kill using one just for the tweeter,so now i us 2 in bi amp mode,i"ve run them in bridged mode and boy they kick ass, but in bi amp they bring the mid rang out. Over the time positioning has been changed, but i find in our room (small 3.4mts x3.6 mts x 2.5mts high) puting them approx 280mm from the wall approx 2.75mts appart with the crossover adjustment plugs set accordingly we get a nice even sound,bass isn"t bloated,in fact it"s as it should be fast,tight and deep,mid range draws us into the music and the top end is sweet not shrill or brittle, each speak sits on a stack of 5 15mm graint slabs these decoupled from the floor with sorbothane balls, the speakers sit on the granite using the Kef supplied spikes, i did try some "Nordost Pulsar Points" but really couldn"t tell the difference. After trying a vast range of cables we"ve settled on Chord cables,Anthem 2"s xlr"s for all inter connections and the Epic speaker cables. Now to my ears the system sings,doing things how we like them,of course there are probably better speakers to be had, but i"d have to spend a lot more money to get them. I am happy and lucky to have been introduced to the Kef 203"s that afternoon, other wise i"d never have thought about them. If your living near a Kef dealer who has the Reference range to hand pop in and take a listen, you may be amazed just like we were, but remember the cost involved in purchasing a pair and the subsequent kit you will need to make them sing.

KEF Q800ds

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KEF Q800DSR Dipole Loudspeakers Rosewood Team - KEF Q800DSR Dipole Loudspeakers Rosewood Pair .

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H√łjttaler, kef, q series surround, passiv, god, surround sound s√¶t best√•ende af 2 x iq7 2 x iq8ds 1 x iq2c i valn√łd fremst√•r i p√¶n stand dog men lette hak p√• toppen af ene gulvh√łjttaler (se billede) samt nogle gummisokler til montering af front, der er kn

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Weitere Informationen √ľber Amazon-Deutschland: http://bit. ly/1TbTEtL Die Boxen haben einen durchaus akzeptables Klangbild, es fehlt aber deutlich an der.

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The KEF Q-Series features an attractive maple finish. When watching DVDs , our reviewer "noticed right away how compatible the five speakers were" and noted that "the tonality of this system is very well matched and makes for a terrific movie-watching experience."

 was not yet available, so I opted to mix the bass signals into the 5-channel presentation. With the advent of 5.1 digital surround sound came added demands from speakers. All 5 channels, now full-range, means that all five channels will have deep bass, depending on how the sound was originally mixed for a given movie or audio disc. In many cases, the bass in the rear channels can be extremely deep, placing extra importance on the speakers" ability to reproduce these low frequencies. In the case of the Q-Series system , the rear bass capabilities were excellent. This due effectively to the 6 1/2-inch midrange and 6 1/2-inch bass drivers found in each Q5 rear speaker. The bass from the L/R Q7 towers was also very well defined. All in all, this 5-channel system stood up to the challenge, delivering solid bass on a number of test tracks that I played. The Q9c center channel embodies the same midrange driver as the Q7s and Q5s, providing a well-timbered system altogether. What this means is that listening to a jet fly overhead, say from the left speaker to the center speaker to the right speaker, and then circle around to the rear speakers, it will not sound any different as it traverses the room. Additionally, KEF"s patented UNI-Q technology, which you see as the tweeter mounted in the center of the midrange driver, allows for a larger "sweet spot" through the unique interaction between the tweeter and the midrange. Whereas the midrange effectively couples the tweeter and increases high-frequency sound dispersion.

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Your Own Wired/Wireless Wonder Just because you"re listening to music wirelessly with Bluetooth doesn"t mean you need to sacrifice quality for convenience. The KEF EGG Digital Hi-Fi Speaker System allows you to wirelessly stream audio from any Bluetooth- capable device with all the depth, clarity and detail you"ve come to expect from KEF"s hi-fi sound. The KEF EGG speaker features a built-in amplifier and its own digital-to-analog converter (DAC) working in tandem with its Uni-Q driver array to ensure the most realistic listening experience possible. The two hi-fi speakers are linked via our proprietary cable, and come with a handful of wired input options alongside its wireless capabilities. Link your EGG sound system to your computer via its USB input, or get engrossed in your. Less

KEF Q800DS 5.25" 2-Way Dipole Encircle Speaker Rosewood Pair ...

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Anybody have any experience with the KEF Q2ds dipoles. I need surround speakers and these are the right size and shape to fit my room and seem to use

Bob, thanks for the info. i am probably going to use Magnaplanar speakers for L/C/R. This system is unfortunately going to go in my living room and i think the Maggies may be the only way to get a good sounding system with an acceptable WAF. While I agree that there are a reasonable number of speakers with the same general configuration as the KEF"s, most are too tall to fit where the speakers need to go (above a window). I am also looking at the Axiom QS8"s. I would like to have one that offers the ability to switch to a more direct sound for music, (ie to bipole of monopole), but again, most of these seem to be too tall (>9-10 inches). would love any additional ideas. ian

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Kef Q2DS Mods Dipole Bipole Atmos? As newer sound systems appear to demand point source speakers/monopoles for surrounds I decide to review my side

Kef Q2DS Mods Dipole Bipole Atmos? As newer sound systems appear to demand point source speakers/monopoles for surrounds I decide to review my side rear Kef Q2ds Dipoles. So dismantled them. The mid and high units are simply wired out of phase. The mids are in parallel and the High in series. The 130mm Bass unit needs removing for access to the Xover. So for Mid-units I swapped the MF2- Green/Black wire and the MF2 + Green wire. For High The yellow HF+ goes to the first HF+ then Black goes from HF- to the HF- on the other unit, then Blue back to Xover HF- Swapped the speaker Blue wide spade connector and Black narrow spade connector to reverse the phase so both in phase. Where the original sound phasey as expected. the revised wiring sound much more focussed and tonally still balanced Next had an idea to replace the 130mm bass unit with a Kef 130mm concentric full range and wire as rear atmos. The speakers are high on the wall either side of the listening area and have"nt got the real estate for rear presence. With the Yammi the front presence seem to double as atmos speakers quite well.